Edge First Strike Drop Shot Finesse- FSC DS 6100-1 Light Finesse


Model: FSC DS 6100-1

Technique: Casting

Length: 6`10``

Pieces: 1 Piece

Line Weight: 4-10

Lure Weight: 1/8-1/4

Power: Light / Finesse

Action: Extra Fast

Gary’s First Strike rod family is built on super light, super strong Next Gen IM material. This means anglers will get the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity, for when the perfect tool is needed.

They feature ALPS MXN Stainless steel guides, with Zirconium inserts.

The series incorporates nine casting and three spinning models, a rod for every application to finesse fishing and drop shot rigs, to deep cranking and swimbait fishing.

Casting configurations feature braided carbon-fiber split grips, spinning models are finished with full-braided grips.

All rods feature the patented Edge rods, off set real seat. This ergonomic design allows for proper and the most efficient hand placement while fishing.

The Mag Bass spinning portion is a two rod subset, for those anglers that prefer a spinning set up.

These rods are Extra-Fast and come in a 7-foot Medium Light and 7-foot Medium power style. Spinning rods in the First Strike series are offered in a braided carbon fiber, full-grip configuration.

If you know Gary Loomis or have followed his incredible career in designing and creating some of the greatest fishing rods ever made, you'll understand that he just can't suppress his mission to improve rod performance.

Armed with the newest materials, he set out to make the lightest and most sensitive rods ever produced. When you have a chance to handle or fish one, we know you'll agree that his latest creations are more than worthy of such a claim.

Edge Rods are meticulously hand rolled and finished along the banks of the North Fork River in Woodland, Washington, USA by Gary Loomis and his team of experienced rod artisans.

They feature TFO’s proprietary Tactical Series guides. GTS guides are machined stainless steel inserts swaged into a chromium-impregnated stainless frame. Casting configurations feature braided carbon-fiber split grips, spinning models are finished with full-braided grips.

All this technology adds up to one thing, more fish caught, and bigger smiles at weigh-in.

Currently, we employ two different levels of carbon fiber, 
either individually or as blends:

IM: The core material at Edge. Our IM provides a performance level that “punches above its weight,” while still having “everyday” fishing toughness. IM is a great choice for a wide range of blanks.

HM: When even our IM isn't good enough. This is a high-modulus, Paper Carbon Scrim (PCS) material that creates a truly exceptional blank. Want the best possible performance from your blank? Here you go.

"Raw Carbon". All of our blanks come in what we call raw carbon—no added color, coating or weight. Our blanks are sanded with a 15-micron grit and then smoothly buffed. We feel that such a pure, unadulterated finish allows our blanks to perform at their unencumbered best.