Edge Pacemaker Casting- EPM C 6103-1 Medium Light


Model                   Length      Power      Line Wt.        Lure Wt. (oz.)     Pieces         Action

EPM C 6103-1       6’10”          ML            4-12                1/8-3/8               1            Moderate


To get to the highest level of professional bass fishing, precision instruments are a necessity.

Meticulously designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace, the new EDGE Cliff Pace series of rods offers a wide

array of actions and lengths that match modern lines and techniques. “Build it again,” was a common theme when

developing his cranking, structure, pitching, and drop-shot rods. This seven-rod family feature ALPS MXN guides, and

a titanium frame with zirconium inserts. MXN guides are corrosion resistant, braid safe and weigh 40 percent less

than comparable single and tri-legged guides. MXN guides feature a recessed ring design (RRD), which creates an

enhanced bond between the ring and frame while protecting the ring from impact as well as corrosion from saltwater

exposure. The angled tri-legged frame design eliminates nearly all line wrap to allow for superior casting distance and accuracy. 

All Cliff Pace rods feature the ALPS AGC reel seat.