River2Sea Biggie Poppa: Crystal Minnow

$10.49 $8.00

Ish Monroe’s Biggie is a squarebill crankbait that’s anything but square. Biggie comes in two sizes; the 58mm Smalls and the 68mm Poppa.

It also is available in two versions a fast floating, rattling version called Bumpin' Rattle; and a silent, slow floating version called Stealth Runner;.

Biggie is designed to run dive three to five feet deep, and is strapped with the right weapons for any battle. Poppa features River2Sea’s short shank size 2 trebles while Smalls carries size 4 short shank trebles.

Biggie is available in 10 colors hand–picked by Ish to catch fish in any type of water across the country.

Biggie – your baits hypnotize me!




Wt (oz)

L (in)




Bumpin’ Rattle – Fast Floater

5 ⁄ 16

2 1 ⁄ 4

River2sea short Shank Treble #4

floating 2 – 4 ft


Bumpin’ Rattle – Fast Floater

9 ⁄ 16

2 5 ⁄ 8

River2sea short Shank Treble #2

floating 3 – 5 ft